Why Go Above and Beyond

By Danny Rohrdanz

July 8, 2016

Most companies do a “good job.”

They listen to their clients, create what’s asked for, and deliver on time. But since everyone is doing this, it can become discouraging when you’re trying to figure out a ways to be different.

So how can you stand out in a world of “good jobs”?


Giving clients what they want is always a good thing. But a great thing is when you go above and beyond. This means that instead of just giving what they asked for, you blow their expectations out of the water!

Don’t just provide one solution to their dilemma–provide three! Don’t just give them your finished work on the due date–send it in early! The list of possibilities goes on and on.

So if you truly want to stand out in the business world, be sure to always give people more than what they expect to get.

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