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Did you know that the top three most popular social media sites in the United States are publicly-traded companies? They need to make money to keep their shareholders happy. Because of their business models, advertising on these platforms continues to grow as a marketing channel for companies and brands. With social networking sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making it more and more laborious for businesses to reach their desired audience organically, it has become imperative to run social ads to reach your target audience, drive website traffic and generate sales.

Social platforms are continuously gathering data on their users which advertisers can then apply to precisely target their content. This allows companies to generate connections with the best possible selection of potential leads and customers. Depending upon the social network, advertising platforms offer targeting options that allow you to reach specific audiences based on their purchasing behavior, the interest they’ve shown in a product, activity, or industry, and other demographic details.

With our team managing your company’s social media advertising strategy, social ads can be extremely effective. We help our clients take advantage of social media advertising opportunities with a wide range of services like:

  1. Goal Definition and Campaign Strategy
  2. Target Market Research and Analysis
  3. Ad and Landing Page Design and Development
  4. Campaign Setup and Ongoing Optimization
  5. Reporting

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