Recognizing the Worth of Your Work

By Danny Rohrdanz

February 5, 2016

For many of us, getting out of bed in the morning is anything but easy.

We think of the long hours ahead…the meetings, the emails, the decisions. And instead of being grateful for our jobs, we become discouraged. We become mechanical. And we experiment with how little effort we can put in to still get a paycheck.

Work has become a means to an end. Work has been reduced to a mere way to earn money.


As we continue in our Why Work series, let’s examine this quote from Dorothy Sayers: “We should fight tooth and nail, not for mere employment, but for the quality of the work that we have to do.” Does this sound like you? Do you fight tooth and nail for the quality of the work you produce? Shortcuts are easy and tempting. But they are no way to live a life. If we want to care about our work and care about our lives, we must begin to be passionate about the quality of our work.

Sayers continues, “the worker would demand that the stuff he helped to turn out should be good stuff – he would no longer be content to take the cash and let the credit go.” When we become passionate about our work, work becomes personal. No longer are we in it for the benefits and the money. Instead, we are in it for the good of the work itself. This gives work worth…in turn giving our many hours and days at work worth.


YLM Why Work1

So why work? Work to create passion. Work to show you care. And work to bring worth to your career.

Don’t miss next week’s blog post as we continue discovering WHY WORK.

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