Perks of Going the Extra Mile

By Danny Rohrdanz

May 20, 2016

Our culture encourages us to go go go.

You can see it in the way we get in line at a drive-thru, fast-forward past commercials, or shop online and expect a package the next day. It’s all about being quick and getting things done now.

But what happens when we apply this same mindset to our work?


In the business world, we’re often tempted to rush through work. We believe speed and quick turnarounds will impress clients.

But the truth is that what impresses clients most is excellence. What makes you stand out isn’t your speed but your accuracy…not your timing but your talent. And once you learn to balance excellence with good timing, it will naturally result in efficiency.

So be encouraged to go the extra mile and do more than what’s expected of you!

YLM mile

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