Client Spotlight: Dungy Family Foundation

By yellowleaf

November 5, 2015

When we initially teamed up with the Dungy Family Foundation, our aim was to invest time getting to know their organization well. Why? Because we believe the first step to creating a successful marketing strategy is understanding a client’s values and goals.

Once we knew their goal of glorifying God through community empowerment and service, we decided to begin an email nurturing campaign. We designed “The Daily Huddle” as a series of daily emails with family, marriage, and leadership wisdom straight from Tony Dungy’s books. His collection of advice proved perfect for the project, so we began offering an opt-in to the newsletter on their website:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.28.33 PM

Soon enough, we were excited to see hundreds of people sign up for the “Daily Huddle.” Such a huge response proved the incredible ability a consistent email newsletter has to connect you or your organization with people who have the same passion and heartbeat that you do. Because when individuals give us the key to their inbox, we’re able to establish an ongoing conversation with them in an efficient, effective, and intimate way. And sure enough, our method directly lined up with the Dungy Family Foundation’s goal of reaching the community!

We continued to perfect this email campaign to include a single inspirational quote from Coach Dungy, similar to this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.00.14 PM

But we didn’t stop there. Over the last few months, we’ve begun a series of Daily Huddle Blogs. These blogs are built around one of our email quotes–digging into the heart of Tony’s advice and applying it to everyday life. Along with the weekly blogs, we design a visually interesting graphic to capture the attention of social media followers on Facebook and Twitter:


Watching the Dungy Family Foundation’s traffic grow has confirmed the power of a strategic, personal marketing plan centered around an ongoing conversation offered through an email newsletter. We are honored to serve such a God-centered foundation and look forward to how Dungy Family Foundation will continue to empower the community.

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