3 Keys to a Successful Business

By yellowleaf

June 2, 2015



Brainstorms and blogging. Meetings and memos. Data and deadlines. Just a glance at our work calendars can be overwhelming. But in the midst of the chaos, we often forget the big picture and overlook the basics of a smart business.

So here’s a quick reminder for you (and us) to keep it simple and keep it successful.

1.) Remember Your Purpose:

The foundation of any business lies in one idea: its purpose. Your purpose drives you to work hard. Your purpose draws your clients in. And your purpose brings life to your company. No purpose means no passion.

Here at Yellow Leaf Marketing, our purpose is to selflessly serve others. Our clients’ business goals are always the heartbeat behind our project objectives.

2.) Remember Your Presence:

Our culture lives online. People go online for news, for plans, for updates, for purchases, for communication… the list goes on. And so, businesses must meet their clients where they’re at: online.

Specifically, we believe a business’ website should be their home base. The best way to create traffic for this website is by building a presence on social media sites. These platforms then funnel users back to a business’ homepage.

For example, as a team we’ve created multiple online platforms for Yellow Leaf Marketing, as well as for our clients. Our presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it…all points back to our business homepage—revealing what we can do for our clients.

3.) Remember Your Personality:

Finally, be sure to distinguish your business with a unique voice. Oftentimes, clients are drawn to personable companies. So make an impression by creating a sense of familiarity without compromising your professionalism. Because neglecting to make connections with clients will leave them feeling underwhelmed with your company.

We’ve worked hard to cultivate a personality of excellence and efficiency at Yellow Leaf Marketing. Ultimately, we want our clients to feel cared for as we “seek the welfare of the city” (Jeremiah 29:7).

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