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Perks of Going the Extra Mile

Posted 20 May, 2016

Our culture encourages us to go go go.

You can see it in the way we get in line at a drive-thru, fast-forward past commercials, or shop online and expect a package the next day. It’s all about being quick and getting things done now.

But what happens when we apply this same mindset to our work?


In the business world, we’re often tempted to rush through work. We believe speed and quick turnarounds will impress clients.

But the truth is that what impresses clients most is excellence. What makes you stand out isn’t your speed but your accuracy…not your timing but your talent. And once you learn to balance excellence with good timing, it will naturally result in efficiency.

So be encouraged to go the extra mile and do more than what’s expected of you!

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Moving from an Amateur to an Artist

Posted 14 May, 2016

It’s easy to look at successful people and think they were born that way.

We assume artists and writers and businessmen and athletes and musicians had those talents from the get-go. We assume it came easily and naturally.

But the truth is that everyone begins as an amateur.


Success is not unattainable. It simply requires plenty of dedication, time, and effort. But with the right attitude and the right tools, you can become successful, too.

So stop wasting time playing the comparison game, and get focused on your own success!

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How to Have Fun with Failure

Posted 7 May, 2016

Typically no one enjoys failure.

We’d much rather succeed on our first try. Or even our second. But after that, failure begins to feel overwhelming.


And yet, we all know failure is inevitable. So instead of uselessly trying to avoid it, we want to encourage you to embrace failure!

So without further ado, here are a couple ways to have fun with failure:

  1. Get Creative: When failure is not a worry, you’re free to explore and try new ideas that you wouldn’t normally pursue. And who knows? Big risks can sometimes lead to big rewards you never could have planned for!
  2. Get Smart: The more you fail, the more you learn. Sometimes we fail in ways we never see coming. But if we fail early on, those small failures can keep us from potentially big failures down the road.
  3. Get Experience: And finally, failures bring us unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Failures mold and shape us into who we are. So don’t ever be afraid to allow failures to refine you!

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Designed to Create

Posted 28 Apr, 2016

You were designed to create.

You were designed to think and dream and mold and make.


A lifetime often feels like a long time. We delay our dreams because we believe that we’ll have tomorrow. But all too often, tomorrow turns into next week which turns into next year which turns into never. Because the truth is that time flies by too quickly.

So instead of waiting, we want to encourage you do make the most of your time today. You have a blank canvas in front of you. So what will you create?

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P.S. Our friend Jordan Raynor has begun work on a book titled “Called to Create.” We invite you to follow along with him at! Here, you can join him in exploring in greater depth the entrepreneurial nature of our Creator and how that explains and informs our deep desire to create. (Trust us, he’s cool.)

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How to Stand Out

Posted 24 Apr, 2016

We are each unique.

We have unique personalities, unique ideas, and unique styles. But sometimes, we fall into mediocrity. We begin to act and think and work like those around us. So how do we keep our individuality?


In a world of similarities, we want to be different.

We don’t want you to blend in. We want you to stand out! That’s why we work hard to come up with new ideas that are unique to you and your business.

When you choose to team up with Yellow Leaf Marketing, we analyze your business and recognize what makes you special. We then highlight those strengths and help you stand out among other businesses.

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When the Going Gets Tough

Posted 18 Apr, 2016

We all want to be successful. We all want to see our dreams come true, our plans work out, and our ideas to come to life. But are you willing to put in the time and effort to reach success? 


Everyone starts out strong.

With passion and determination, success seems easily attainable. But over time, we face bumps in the road. And suddenly, small failures begin to feel like big failures.

Here at Yellow Leaf Marketing, we agree with Thomas Edison in that there’s always another possibility. When we think we’ve run out of solutions, we haven’t! Instead, this is the moment when we’re called to practice one thing above all else: tenacity.

When we choose to be tenacious and pursue our passions to the end, anything is possible!

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Share Your Passion

Posted 11 Apr, 2016

Everyone has a passion.

People can be passionate about strengthening families or saving animals or inspiring children or inventing new products or feeding the hungry. The best part about being passionate is that it pushes us to make a difference.


But how do we make a difference? How do we take our passions and make them a reality? Well we believe that marketing is the key to sharing our passions. Marketing gives us the opportunity to make our passions known to the world. When we market, we bring our passions to life by connecting to others.

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Working With Integrity

Posted 1 Apr, 2016

Life is full of shortcuts.

Everywhere we look, there are shortcuts. Shortcuts to success, shortcuts to fame, and shortcuts to promotions.

But we don’t believe in shortcuts. We believe in working hard no matter what. Instead of convenience, we choose perseverance. Instead of mediocrity, we choose brilliance. Instead of fine, we choose excellence.

So that’s why working with integrity is so important to us. We hold fast to Thomas Jefferson’s advice of, “whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.”

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Why Try New Ideas

Posted 28 Mar, 2016

Too many people are satisfied too easily.

Our world finds a good idea and twists it around in every which way–giving it a new name and new package. But this imitation game is silly. And here at Yellow Leaf Marketing, we aim to be different. We aim to be original.

Instead of working for instant success, we work for long-term brilliance. Oftentimes, this can mean we hit failures along the way. But we promise that if you stick with us, we will work diligently to create a unique brand for you that is both original AND ultimately successful!

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The Power of Listening

Posted 9 Mar, 2016

We have lots of ideas. But the best ideas come only after listening.

We love brainstorming and creating success. But over the years, we’ve learned the art of listening. Before any new project, we begin by listening to our clients and understanding the heart of their business.


During our planning stage, we spend time defining specific digital strategies for your company. We analyze current efforts, identify strengths and weaknesses, and more. So get planning and get going!

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