What If We Treated Our Social Relationships As If They Were Real?

Okay, here’s the deal up front… there is nothing revolutionary about this post. You’ve probably heard all of this or pieces of this before. But before you stop reading, just know that we firmly believe anything worthy of being remembered is worth repeating. Over here, we’re still mulling over how 2017 may look different in…


Relationships Really Matter

John 13:34 says, “Just as I have loved you, you should also love one another.” This mandate to love as Christ loved causes us to put a very, very high premium on our relationships. Relationships really do matter. Always. It also causes us to listen well and not just wait for our turn to speak….



This is an overused word in our society today. Don’t you agree? Love is such a powerful and meaningful word. Yet in the same minute, I could say, “Man, I love pizza.” And then look at my daughter and say, “I love you, Harvest.” Same word. Different intents. Of course I don’t love pizza as…


Integrity & Honesty
Simplify Everything.
Why Encouraging Words Belong in the Office

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