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The Secret to Great Advertising

Posted 28 Jul, 2016

We live in a competitive world of business.

Everyone is fighting to make their brand known. They use billboards and commercials and social media–all of which are great ideas. But there’s one way to advertise that trumps all the rest.


The secret to gaining new clients won’t be found in more funding. Instead, Philip Kotler speaks the truth when he explains that “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.”

When clients are served well, cared for well, and treated well, they’re satisfied. And satisfied people don’t keep quiet! They tell their friends, their co-workers, and everyone else. They want to share with others just how great this business was to them.

So do good work and build relationships with your clients. They’ll do the rest.

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Choosing Your Work Wisely

Posted 25 Jul, 2016

We are given 24 hours each day.

24 hours to live, to work, to sleep. But those 24 hours often fly by. Time escapes us and we don’t know where it goes.

So how can we make the most of the time we are given?


When it comes to work, our to-do list is often a mile long. We have tons and tons and tons of things we want to work through, create, develop, and design.

But when we try to do it all, we inevitably spread ourselves too thin.

We can’t give our best to everything. Our time and energy simply won’t allow it.

That’s why it’s important to choose your work wisely. Don’t commit to doing everything half-heartedly. Commit to doing a few things well. This way, your work will be done with the best of your gifts and talents and energy.

Because as David Allen puts it, You can do anything but not everything.

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Chase Your Dreams

Posted 15 Jul, 2016

What’s holding you back from chasing your dreams?

Time? Money? Willpower? The list goes on and on and on. But at the end of the day, the chance to make your dream a reality trumps all of those excuses.

So today, let’s talk through 3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to chase your dreams!


  1. Nobody Dreams Like You Do. Everyone has dreams and goals and hopes. But the dreams and goals and hopes you have are solely yours. They belong to your imagination. And if you never work to make those dreams a reality, the world will be missing something that only you can create.
  2. Nothing Will Bring More Fulfillment. When it comes to working, it’s not too difficult to find a job we enjoy. But unless you’re working toward fulfilling your own dream, there may always be some level of discontent. So take every chance you have to chase your own dream!
  3. Life is Short. And last but not least, remember that life is short! Don’t wait until tomorrow to begin following your dreams. Because as Karen Lamb points out, “A year from now, you will wish you had started today.”

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Why Go Above and Beyond

Posted 8 Jul, 2016

Most companies do a “good job.”

They listen to their clients, create what’s asked for, and deliver on time. But since everyone is doing this, it can become discouraging when you’re trying to figure out a ways to be different.

So how can you stand out in a world of “good jobs”?


Giving clients what they want is always a good thing. But a great thing is when you go above and beyond. This means that instead of just giving what they asked for, you blow their expectations out of the water!

Don’t just provide one solution to their dilemma–provide three! Don’t just give them your finished work on the due date–send it in early! The list of possibilities goes on and on.

So if you truly want to stand out in the business world, be sure to always give people more than what they expect to get.

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Why Strong Content is Worth the Hassle

Posted 24 Jun, 2016

What is the first thing you notice about a car?

Most people are immediately drawn to the appearance: the color, the size, the lights. These are the flashy parts of the car–what brings in customers. But we all know that the most important part of every car is its engine. Without an engine, all the glitz and glamour would be meaningless.


It’s the same way with marketing.

Nowadays, what catches peoples’ eyes are the graphics, the bold letters, the fun styles. But there’s one thing that drives it all: content. Without strong content, you won’t go anywhere.

That’s why we want to encourage you to remember that content is king! Enjoy dressing it up or down, but be sure to remember that your content is the engine.

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How to Lead with Humility

Posted 18 Jun, 2016

Leading isn’t always easy. We tend to get caught up in the glory, the control, and even the recognition. But is that what true leadership really is?


Instead of associating leadership with control, we believe there’s something much more important: humility.

When we choose to lead with humility, we choose to make things about the people around us, rather than about ourselves. We focus less on our importance, and focus more on how we can serve and teach and grow others.

So be encouraged to “lead from the back and let others believe they are in front…”

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Why You Should Avoid Average

Posted 8 Jun, 2016

We don’t talk with our friends about the mundane parts of our day. We don’t talk about the commercials we saw or the traffic we were in or the emails we deleted.

No, we rave about the best parts of our day! We rave about the awesome waiter we had or the successful business deal we made or the great new song we heard on the radio.


In the same way, nobody talks about the average blog they read or tweet they saw or email they received or service they experienced. We forget average.

What we remember is the exceptional.

So don’t be average in your work and your words and your actions. Be EXCEPTIONAL!

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Combining Business and Pleasure

Posted 2 Jun, 2016

In our day and age, the lines between business and pleasure have become blurred.

People have begun doing business with whoever they find most pleasurable. They’re sold on a smile, a personality, and a connection. So how does this affect us?


Instead of simply doing good work, we must also have a good voice in order to stand out in today’s culture. We must work harder than ever to connect with clients in order to give them the best experience possible. If we want to serve them well, we must make their business pleasurable.

So don’t just be worth hiring. Be worth connecting with.

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How Our Work Reflects Our Character

Posted 26 May, 2016

We’ve all heard it said that time is money.

So with that idea looming in our minds, it’s easy to get sucked into habits that don’t reflect integrity. We can begin cutting corners, slacking off, and giving halfway efforts when no one is looking. Why? Because we believe that making the most of our time means getting as much done as possible–no matter how much our work may suffer.


In reality, making the most of our time doesn’t negate good efforts and high quality. Instead it means continuing to do our best in every moment.

Money and salaries and recognition shouldn’t be our end goal. Our end goal should be quality!

So if our work is a reflection of who we are, then what does your work say about you? Are you honest, hard-working, and trustworthy? Or are you lazy, shallow, and selfish?

We encourage you to make the most of your time and the most of your work!

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Perks of Going the Extra Mile

Posted 20 May, 2016

Our culture encourages us to go go go.

You can see it in the way we get in line at a drive-thru, fast-forward past commercials, or shop online and expect a package the next day. It’s all about being quick and getting things done now.

But what happens when we apply this same mindset to our work?


In the business world, we’re often tempted to rush through work. We believe speed and quick turnarounds will impress clients.

But the truth is that what impresses clients most is excellence. What makes you stand out isn’t your speed but your accuracy…not your timing but your talent. And once you learn to balance excellence with good timing, it will naturally result in efficiency.

So be encouraged to go the extra mile and do more than what’s expected of you!

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